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* [http://www.laene.nl/fb/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1068 Original ProSnooper topic]
* [http://www.laene.nl/fb/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1068 Original ProSnooper topic]
* [http://rndware.info/products/prosnooper.html ProSnooper homepage]
* [http://rndware.info/products/prosnooper.html ProSnooper homepage]

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icon ProSnooper
ProSnooper screenshot
Developer: Simon Hughes
Latest version: 2.0 build 201, 18 Sep 2007
Supported games: W:A
Language: Borland Delphi 7
License: rndware Open Source Licence
Website: rndware.info
Download: ProSnooper200b201.zip (376KB)
source code (1.12MB)

ProSnooper is an application that lets you connect to WormNET, chat on the channels, join and host games.


  • Join Wormnet and chat.
  • Join games hosted on Wormnet.
  • Host W:A games.
  • Configuration of rank and flag.
  • Minimizes to tray; notifies you on highlight and private messages
  • Use ProSnooper color codes.
  • Change color-scheme of ProSnooper.
  • Customizable UI.
  • Buddy list.
  • Sound notification.
  • Highlight-notification.
  • Displays Wormnet-style flags and ranks.


  • /me <message> = Displays an action. Eg. /me is happy. equals * Simon is happy.
  • /msg <nick> <message> = Sends a private message to someone. Eg. /msg Simon Hi there!
  • /away <message> = Sets you as away. When someone messages you, the message will be sent to them.
  • /buddymsg <message> = Sends a message to everyone on your buddylist.
  • /quote <command> = Lets you send a raw IRC command to the server.


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