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(Up to People)
Ricky Davda joined the Team17 forums on the 12th of March, 2008.

With his first post he made the bold statement that he was "The best at WA", unless someone dared to challenge him. Should this happen, it is assumed that the challenger instantly becomes the best at WA. Following this logic, both Dark Horse and Yakuza are now the best at WA. Dark Horse and RickyDavda have the same ip however, so it is assumed they are the same person and therefore share the title.

Other noteworthy facts about RickyDavda include:

  • Causes TeddyWorm to gasp, Yakuza to get serious, and Bonz to repeat the words "Wow, just wow!"
  • Is curently studying Law at De Montfort University (Rumoured to be false)
  • Will make a chicken vindaloo curry out of Dario, and then do the same to Melon.
  • Makes better maps than Melon.
  • Is concerned that some people may not be able to smell his cooking, and therefore repeats the phrase "If you smell what Ricky Davda is cooking" just to make sure.
  • Is The Game (Nobody messes with the game).
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