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An example game of Paranoia
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Specially designed maps [1]
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Paranoia is a scheme similar to hysteria, except the turn time and hotseat delay are 0 seconds, which involves the need in concentrated play, as being prepared to the turn by already holding all the needed keys before the turn starts.

Differences to Hysteria

  • Hotseat and turn time are 0 seconds.
  • There arent't Jetpack, Low Gravity, Teleport because you don't have time for them.
  • Fire Punch is replaced by Dragon Ball.
  • There's no retreat time, except if you drop a mine (5 seconds).
  • There are some instant mines around the map.
  • Worms' health is 65.
  • Round length is 1 second, although it never gets exhausted because all the turns are 0 seconds.

Tips and Recommendations

  • While talking in the chat, don't forget about your upcoming turn! If you don't press all the keys before the turn, you're doomed.
  • You need to hold all the needed keys before your turn arrives. That are:
    • F-key for a weapon
    • Number key for grenade fuse or bounce (works only if the last used weapon was Grenade)
    • Spacebar
    • T button if you wish
  • Use a team in which you know the going order of your worms (either remembering or numbering is allowed)

Scheme idea by StepS, maps by MEDVEDxEvilPunk

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