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{{Weapon|[[Image:Nuclearbombicon.png]]   Nuclear Bomb
{{Weapon|[[Image:Nuclearbombicon.png|32px]]   Nuclear Bomb
[[Image:Indiannukeicon.png]]   Indian Nuclear Test
[[Image:Indiannukeicon.png]]   Indian Nuclear Test
||Super Weapon
||Super Weapon

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Nuclearbombicon.png   Nuclear Bomb

Indiannukeicon.png   Indian Nuclear Test

Type: Super Weapon
Keyboard selection: [W2] F12 (x3)
[WA][WWP] F11 (x4)
Standard effects: Water level raises, Worms get sick
Present in: Worms DC & Worms 2 as Nuclear Bomb; W:A & WWP as Nuclear Test
Power settings
  • Power is uneditable
  • Flooding distance: 120 px
  • Poison effect: 5 hp per turn

When activated, the Nuclear Bomb and Indian Nuclear Test will cause the water level to rise considerably. The Indian Nuclear Test also has an additional effect of poisoning every worm on the landscape, including the user. The poison will remove 2 health points from every worm at the end of each turn to a minimum of 1, and like all other poison effects, it is cumulative each time they are poisoned.


  • The best time to use these weapons is when lots of opponent worms are by the water level, as they will drown, and your teams worms are high up, as they will be safe.
  • When a health crate is collected, all poison effects will be removed from that team. So if you use the Indian Nuclear Test when standing next to a health crate, you can cure your entire team immediately before the end of the turn.

Criticisms, Problems and Weaknesses

  • Both of the weapons are SUPER WEAPONS, and so their chance of appearing in a crate follows the same rules as other super weapons.


  • The Nuclear Bomb will raise the water level by precisely 120 pixels.

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