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| games = [[Worms Armageddon|W:A]]
| games = [[Worms Armageddon|W:A]]
| license = Open source
| license = Open source
| download = [http://www.spiderworms.in/software/LaserFixChanger.rar LaserFixChanger.rar (60,6 kb)] {{dead link}}
| download = [http://www.spiderworms.in/software/LaserFixChanger.rar LaserFixChanger.rar (60,6 kb)]

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(Up to Software)
LaserFix ON/OFF Changer
Developer: Veki
Latest version: v1 / 2 November, 2010
Supported games: W:A
License: Open source
Download: LaserFixChanger.rar (60,6 kb)
The correct title of this article is LaserFixChanger.

Veki's LaserFix ON/OFF Changer is a program for easy change wkLaserFix ON or OFF. Its coded in C# language.


You must have wkLaserFix.dll in your C:\Team17\Worms Armageddon\ when you first time running this program.

Its included in .rar file

You must have installed Microsoft .NET Framework 4 You can download it from here Microsoft .NET Framework 4

If you have problems check ReadMe.txt in Folder.

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