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Form thread on the development progress of HB


  • All commands are prefixed with !.
  • Use help <command> to get details on a command.
  • Parameters in <angular brackets> are required, those in [square brackets] are optional. | means "or" - A|B means "A or B".
  • Command use chat is not forwarded on to other players.


General commands

  • help [command]
Shows explanatory text like this, silly.
  • start
Starts the game when all players have lit up.
  • close
Closes the game - no more players will be able to join.
  • reopen
Reopens the game - allows more players to join.
(aliases: open)
  • kick <player name>
Remove the specified player from the game.
(aliases: boot)
  • version <name>
Sets the game version to use.
Valid game versions are:
* Normal
* Batty
* Fast (1.5x speed)
* Test

Team commands

  •  !worms
  •  !colour
  •  !handicap
  •  !remove

Map/scheme commands

  •  !map
  •  !wmdb
  •  !wsdb
  •  !schemes
  •  !load
  •  !reset

Game options

  •  !energy
  •  !rounds
  •  !wormselect
  •  !teleport
  •  !artillery
  •  !stockpiling
  •  !donorcards
  •  !falldamage

Time options

Crate options

Object options

Sudden death options

General options

Weapon options

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