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Grenadeicon.png Grenade
Type: Timed Projectile
Keyboard selection: F2 (x1)
Standard effects: 50hp injury (max.), Small circular crater
Present in: Worms, Worms DC, Worms 2, W:A, WWP
Power settings
Power Maximum
11 25 hp 47 px
12 35 73
1 40 85
2 45 85
3 50 97
4 55 111
5 60 123
19 65 123
14 75 147
15 100 199

The Grenade is a projectile weapon which can be used at a variable power at any angle. The grenade bounces on impact, and explodes only after the fuse has expired. The fuse can be set at 1-5 seconds by the player. The player can also set a bounce setting for the grenade by pressing the + and - keys. On the MAX bounce setting, bounces reduce the horizontal speed by 4% and the vertical speed by 40%.


  • When fired at a shallow angle into the water, the grenade will skip on the surface of the water.
  • When fired upward at a near-vertical angle with full power, a four second fuse will ensure that the grenade explodes approximately at the same altitude that it was fired, allowing for somewhat predictable shots.
  • Many players use grenades like Mines, where they place it on the head of the opponent worm by standing on top of them and firing straight up or down at a low power. Unlike a mine, however, the worm will not be flown into the air, but will instead be blasted into the ground, so there still is a fundamental difference between using the two weapons in this way.

Criticisms, Problems and Weaknesses

  • The grenade can only bounce horizontally and vertically, and so may not bounce as expected on a slope. It is possible for the grenade to bounce horizontally and vertically in the same frame.

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