Fairground Grabber Strike

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This strike involves a large grabber, as see in fairground games.

This weapon is activated by pressing the space bar. A grabber on a horizontal pole will whizz slowly above the terrain. Pressing space bar again will drop the grabber vertically from the current position.

The grabber can pick up any object on the terrain, such as a mine or enemy worm. When an object is picked up, the player can move the grabber left or right, and release the object, including out to sea.

The grabber has a limited distance (set randomly) to move an object, before the object 'slips' from its grab. 25% of the time, an object will slip before it gets significantly off the ground (excludes worms on your own team).

When the user is ready to release the object, the space bar is pressed again. The object will be released at an angle, depending on the movement of the grabber.

Possible option: If the grabber misses completely, there's a 25% chance of a random weapon being picked up from beneath the terrain, and controlled as usual. Examples include sheep, mad cows, old women, and (rarely) more powerful weapons such as the holy hand grenade and concrete donkey.

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