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Expolsion Bias is the name given to the feature that lowers the centre point of an explosion in order to make worms fly up into the air when the weapon detonates on their head. This was an editable property of each weapon in Worms 2, however the ability to edit this was removed in future games.

Worms 2

The following is a list of the default values for all weapons in Worms 2. Note that it was not possible to view or edit the properties of super weapons, and as such they are missing from this table:

Weapon Explosion bias
Air Strike 50%
Banana Bomb 50%
Bazooka 0%
Cluster Bomb 10%
Dynamite 50%
Grenade 10%
Handgun 5%
Holy Hand Grenade 75%
Homing Air Strike 15%
Homing Cluster Bomb 0%
Homing Pigeon 25%
Homing Missile 5%
Mad Cow 50%
Mail Strike 10%
Mine 50%
Minigun 20%
Mortar 25%
Napalm Strike 0%
Old Woman 15%
Petrol Bomb 0%
Priceless Ming Vase 50%
Sheep 50%
Shotgun 5%
Super Banana Bomb 75%
Super Sheep 50%
Uzi 5%

Worms Armageddon and Worms World Party

It is unknown if any of the values in the above table have been changed for these games as they are not viewable. However, below is a list of weapons that have enough explosion bias to cause a worm to fly into the air when they explode on top of a worm's head:

This article has a to-do list:
  • Thoroughly investigate every weapon in WA (and WWP)
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