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Dream17 screenshot
Creator: Squirminator2k
Creation date: March 2004
Forum package: phpBB
Link: http://www.dream17.info/

Dream17 was created to counter-act all the Worms fansites, this one being devoted to all of Team17's games.


At launch, Dream17 featured a phpBB forum which was removed at some point in 2007/08 due to a lack of use. However following the closure of the Team17 forums in June 2013 the Dream17 Forum was reopened, and the link to the Dream17 Forum is included in Team17's shutdown announcement link. Some Team17 Forum regulars have since migrated to the Dream17 forum.

Domain change

The old domain, http://www.dream17.co.uk/ has expired and the website has moved to http://www.dream17.info/ on 23rd of May 2010. According to the website news, the website staff are trying to get the old domain back, if possible.

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