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Digging Race is a rope-based scheme taking advantage of two wormkit plugins: wkRubberworm and wkIndiMask .


  • Make yourself way to the spot labeled Finish, End or any similar variation of these, or the map's highest point.
  • Be the one to survive.


Digging race map is similar to Tower Race. There is just a few differences. Each player's team starts from different spot marked as start. And tryes to get to spot marked "finish" using rope. Each team is equiped with infinite max powered rope, parashute, inf. Bazooka, inf. Mortar, Girder and eventualy with some weapon that breaks not only foreground terrain, but the background terrain too (I'll get to that later) On his way each player has to break thru several walls and baricades using mentioned weapons FROM ROPE. This scheme is based on wkIndiMask plugin, that allows mapmaker to define some colors in map as breakable, some as not and some as "tough" (tough color can be breaked only by weapons destroying background image like Holy Hand Grenade..) Another feature that has to be set is rubberworm's multishot set up by command /sdet or /multishot that allowes you to shot unlimited times in one turn. Therfore turn time should be set to higher value than in other races like 35s or so. It is up to host whether to set worms as mortal or not. I think its good if your worm can die and the spare one has to run thru the digged path.


  • Most important is speed and precise shooting from rope (since wind affects bazooka a lot, sometimes you have to use mortar).
  • You can also block other player's way by girders (girders can be destroyed) or destroy theyr path (if it gets united with yours).


here is a sample of scheme (note that it doesnt contain rubberworm settings. You must type /multishot in lobby )

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