Constipated Silkworm

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Constipated silkworm icon.png  Constipated Silkworm
Constipated Silkworm screenshot
Developer: Annelid and Megaworm
Latest version: v1.51 / 24 March, 2003
Supported games: W:A, WWP
Language: Visual Basic
Licence: Closed source
Website: none?

Constipated Silkworm is a simple macro program, written by Megaworm and Annelid in 2003. Its features are concentrated around sending keystrokes to the game, allowing players to simulate a very fast tapping rate for some keys, or to quickly access the parachute. The program has no future plans.

Use of the program can usually be easily detected in an opponent by their inhumanly fast movements.

This program should not be confused with the original Silkworm, written by Deadcode, which has nothing in common with it.

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