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Chute Landing is a trick that, similarly to Flipwalking, relies on skipping certain parts or phases of worm movement in order to save time.

When a worm jumps or falls - and doesn't lose control -, then after the jumping phase, the so-called landing phase has to complete before the worm can do anything. This takes 12 frames (0.24 seconds) every time. However, if the player activates Parachute in the same frame the landing phase would start, then this phase is skipped, and the worm is instantly free to move. Doing so reduces the complete jumping period from 1.3 seconds to 1.04 seconds (on a flat surface). Currently, this is the fastest type of movement "by foot".

Speed comparison

1.00000× speed with 0.04 sec warmup - Normal Walking
1.43098× speed - Optimum Skipwalking (period=0.22 sec, 4.54545 clicks/second)
1.48148× speed with 0.04 sec warmup - Optimum Flipwalking (period=0.20 sec, 0.18 sec forward, one frame backward)
2.00000× speed with 2/3 second warmup - Walking with Fast Walk utility
2.00030× speed - Optimum Jumping on a flat surface (period=1.3 sec)
2.39198× speed with 2/3 sec warmup - Optimum Flipwalking with Fast Walk utility (period=0.12 sec, 0.10 sec forward, one frame backward)
2.45320× speed - Optimum Jumping on a flat surface using Chute Landing (period = 1.06 sec)
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