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(Up to Game logic)

Here is a list of unlockable cheats in Worms Armageddon.

After gold medals in Trainings

Training Cheat Unlocked
Basic Training Blood Mode
Super Sheep Racing Aqua Sheep
Rifle Range Shotgun Upgrade
Crazy Crates Sheep Heaven
Artillery Range Grenade Upgrade
Euthanasia / Advanced Weapons Training Longbow Upgrade

After missions (gold medal not required)

Mission Number Cheat Unlocked
4 Fast Walk
8 Jet Pack
13 Laser Sight
16 Invisibility
20 Low Gravity
25 Indestructible Terrain
33 Banana Upgrade

After reaching (but not necessarily beating) the Elite rank Deathmatch

You will unlock the God Mode option.

After you've unlocked every cheat mentioned above

You will unlock the Full Wormage scheme, as well as the ability to edit super weapons' settings in the ingame scheme editor (the latter feature has been implemented in Beta updates).

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