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icon ChatSnatch
ChatSnatch screenshot
Developer: Auto Ford
Latest version: v0.6 / 23 June, 2008
Supported games: W:A
Language: PHP
License: Closed source
Download: N/A

W:A Chat Snatch is an online tool meant to make it easy to read the in-game chat from an extracted log file. Chat Snatch simply reads the log file scanning for chat lines and discards those that aren't, and finally displays the entire conversation.

Why not just read the log the way it is?

Log files are extracted from W:A replays thanks to its shell integration, but they are presented in a format that is inconvenient for reading the chat logs. This is mainly because game actions are also logged: lines of chat are mixed in between lines of game actions, making a conversation from an action-packed game quite hard to follow.


Simply find/extract the log from a replay you wish, and submit it using the form. If you want, you can choose to keep the chat log stored to share it with other wormers. Then Chat Snatch will give you a permanent URL which will display your chat log every time you access it.

Note: if you don't choose to store a chat log, then the uploaded file will be deleted shortly and will be lost. You'll have to re-upload the file in order to share it.


  • Easily review in-game chat, with a colour scheme similar to that of the game;
  • Choose
  • Store the extracted chat indefinitely in the server;
  • Share the chat log by the use of a permanent URL;
  • Multilanguage support;
  • An easter egg!

Planned features

  • A log editing interface, which will include:
    • Line highlighting;
    • Line removal;
    • Enable/disable colour highlighting;
    • Customized timestamps (or disabled);
    • Enable/disable line numbers.
  • Enable basic chatlog statistics.
  • Option to detect & include game recording date and time.
  • Ability to choose an expiration date for stored chat logs.

Translate Chat Snatch to your language

W:A Chat Snatch has multi-language support (current languages are English and Spanish). Translating it to your language is fairly easy: all you need to do is use a text editor to edit the different text strings, and (barely) know some HTML basics.

You can download the latest language file here. If you make a translation, please e-mail it to autoford at ligaworms dot org, or submit it using the discussion page.

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