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| language = C++
| language = C++
| license = Closed source
| license = Closed source
| download = [http://rghost.net/1378842 ChatCleaner.exe (152 KB)]
| download = [http://worms2d.info/files/ChatCleaner.exe ChatCleaner.exe (152 KB)]

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Developer: PalmtopTiger
Latest version: 0.03 / 13 April, 2010
Supported games: W:A
Language: C++
License: Closed source
Download: ChatCleaner.exe (152 KB)

ChatCleaner is tiny console tool for removing chat conversations from WA replays. This may be useful for sharing replays which contain private discussions or such.

To use ChatCleaner, simply drag-and-drop replay file to the program file. You will be asked to choose if you want to remove the whole chat or private conversations (PMs and team talk) only, and then you'll get modified copy of the replay.

Future plans

There are no plans on writing more advanced editor for replay chat, since it will obviously lead to various cheating in leagues. As for now, in order to avoid possible unfair usage, a notification message is added to the beginning of modified replay, telling about changes.

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