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Boom Race, with M3ntal and Balee
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In a game of Boom Race the players compete to reach the end of an indestructible maze-like map. Worms are anchored, so each player can advance his single worm forward only by using his weapons to blast it around. Boom Race is commonly thought of as a variation of the Battle Race scheme, which differs only in that worms can move and weapons are not so heavily relied on.


Game setup
Boom Race:
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Specially-designed map
Examples at the WMDB
Usually 1v1 with 1 worm each

The players begin by placing their worms on or near (depending on the map) the region of the map labelled Start, S, Begin, or any other word with similar meaning. When the game begins, the players proceed by blasting their worms along the path of the map, the winner being the first to reach the Finish (or F, End, etc.) sign first. Worm health is infinite, so players do not need to worry about self-harm.

In a regular Boom Race scheme, about a dozen weapons are available, which offers a wide variety of possible moves. Low gravity is almost always available. Usually the players have an unlimited number of the available weapons and utilities.

A game's duration depends on the difficulty and length of the map and the skill of the players. Games can sometimes last hours.

During the game, you can also (if not stated otherwise), hit your opponents, thus slowing them down.


There are no commonly used rules in Boom Race, except that you can not drown your opponent's worm. Violating this rule immediately disqualifies the attacker.

There is a not so widely used, but quite controversial rule, which states that neither of the players may hit other worms, unless it's for the purpose of moving their own worm. Violations of this rule are sometimes quite hard to determine. For example, if one player uses a bazooka to blast itself forward, but fails, and an opponent's worm is knocked down a wall in the explosion, the attack could be declared as cheat even though it wasn't intentional. Thus, this rule is usually disregarded. However, some maps (like this [1]) have parallel courses which enables players to play without disturbing each other.


Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: An example match of Multi Shot Boom
Race, with FoxHound, Naruto, F8R and MB77
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Multi Shot Boom Race

This variation requires the "loss of control doesn't end turn", "shot doesn't end turn" and "anti worm sink" features of RubberWorm. Players can shoot multiple times per turn, which increases the pace of the game. The game also becomes more chaotic, since there is less time to think about a shot, if the player intends to fire a weapon three or four times per turn.

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