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Battleaxeicon.png Battle Axe
Type: Close combat
Keyboard selection: F2 (x4)
Standard effects: Halves health
Present in: W:A, WWP

The Battle Axe is a close combat weapon whose damage depends entirely upon the current health of the target. Unlike every other weapon in the game, the damage dealt is not fixed. The weapon will remove a proportion of the target's health, depending on it's power setting. On activation of the weapon, all worms standing in front of the user will be smashed into the ground and their health will be deducted. It cannot kill a worm unless it has only 1 health point.

Power Settings

Power Damage
1 25% of target's health
2 35% of target's health
3 50% of target's health
4 65% of target's health
5 75% of target's health


  • Obviously, this weapon is best used on worms with large amounts of health. A worm with 200 hit points will lose 100 of them when struck with a standard power axe, which makes it more powerful than the other standard weapons.
  • The Battle Axe is best used on a group of worms that are very closely piled together. The axe will hit all of the worms, and can cause very large damage.
  • When a worm is being smashed into the ground, you can move through it when the animation is running. This allows you to move past the enemy if he is blocking your worm by standing in a narrow passageway. Other weapons may push the enemy away from you and may still be in the way if they are in a tunnel. The axe guarantees that you will always be able to move beyond him. For this reason it is used quite often in battle races.

Criticisms, Problems and Weaknesses

  • In most Schemes, worms do not have a lot of health, meaning that the weapon is not very effective in many cases.
  • The Battle Axe is one of the very few weapons that will not move the target worm at all.
  • The Battle Axe will only kill worms if they have only 1 hit point, meaning that players can miss out on additional damage done to a group of worms if one of them explodes when dead.
  • Double Damage is ignored when using the Battle Axe.
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