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BITMonkey icon.png  BIT Monkey
BIT Monkey screenshot
Developer: Annelid
Latest version: v1.05 / 28 February, 2003
Supported games: W:A, WWP
Language: Visual Basic
Licence: Closed source
Website: none?
Download: BITMonkey.exe (180 kb)

The BIT Monkey is a program that operates on monochrome (.bit) W:A/WWP maps. It features a map viewer, as well as the possibility to encode and decode monochrome maps from/to monochrome Windows bitmaps (.bmp) or Targa images (.tga). The BIT Monkey was written by Annelid in 2003. The BIT Monkey was essentially a sequel to Annelid's BitUnencoder.

The BIT Monkey does not work with the latest Worms Armageddon Beta update. Compatability could have been broken with one of the earlier updates, but this is unconfirmed.

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